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Dentures in Park Slope

Many patients are not aware that people without teeth statistically do not live as long as those with a complete smile. Having even one missing tooth can negatively affect your diet—you may not be able to maintain healthy nutrition that must include fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and protein. Your speech can be affected too—some people with tooth loss find clearly pronouncing certain letters or sounds more difficult. And lastly, a smile with missing teeth can harm your self-esteem and cause embarrassment in both social and professional situations.

Don't allow missing teeth to impact your quality of life. Dr. Sapienza works with talented technicians who fabricate lifelike dentures and partials with the latest dental materials. You can have your strong, full, healthy smile back with a denture or partial that fits comfortably and looks fabulous.

Partial Dentures Park Slope Smiles About

For our patients who are missing a tooth here and there, the Dental Spa of New York will create a customized removable partial denture. A partial as this oral prosthesis is usually called typically consists of false teeth that are attached to a gum-colored base. Your partial will be designed to fit in between and around your existing natural teeth. And it is these natural teeth that will help to hold your partial securely in place; with clips and clasps, you partial attaches to your own teeth, thereby becoming a seamless part of your smile.

Of course, wearing your new partial will take some getting used to, but with time it will feel comfortable and natural. With practice, you’ll learn to eat and speak with ease. If you notice a spot where your gums are sore from your partial, then be sure to come see Dr. Sapienza. He can adjust your partial denture for a more comfortable fit.

For Full Dentures, Park Slope Trusts The Dental Spa of New York

If you've lost all of your natural teeth, then a full denture will restore your smile and benefit your oral and general health. Whether your tooth loss is because of severe tooth decay, untreated periodontal disease or traumatic injury, the need to replace your teeth is critical. When you’ve lost all of your teeth, your facial muscles and bone structure may start to sag, making you look older. With a full denture, your features are supported.

Like a partial denture, a full denture is comprised of artificial teeth that sit on a gum-colored base. Unlike partials, however, your full dentures is held in place by suction and the muscles of your cheeks and tongue. With time, you will become accustomed to your dentures. Eventually, you’ll be able to wear your dentures all day, but be sure to take them out for the night and store them is a container filled with water, so your dentures don’t warp.

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Dr. Sapienza and the team at The Dental Spa of New York would be delighted to assess your need for a removable partial denture or full dentures. The dentist Park Slope trusts conveniently serves patients from the surrounding communities of Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Prospect Heights and Carroll Gardens and other areas of Brooklyn and Queens.