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Park Slope Testimonials

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I'm pretty much dentist-phobic. I had some really painful experiences in the past that have made it more likely I go get a new tattoo on my eyelids than get my teeth cleaned again...I'll just say that they are so good at making you feel relaxed, that in the few visits I needed for different procedures, I was completely at ease and without anxiety. Dr. S is very friendly and his assistants are great too. He will listen to you and hear your concerns and has a good way of putting you at ease. Lisa, the hygienist, is not only very friendly and professional, but she's the gentlest hygienist you could hope to sit for. Highly recommended! I could go get my teeth cleaned at the Dental Spa of NY every week if I had to. Other things worth noting were their  high-tech equipment which made x-rays so easy and digital imagery for instant results with no waiting. I really appreciated that 2 times our of my 3 visits I was able to walk in and they were able to see me immediately. The time I waited, it was for about 5 minutes, which I spent watching the flat screen TV.

Richard H.

Dr. Sapienza and his staff are always really nice. They take time to explain what they're doing and talk about the tools they're using. I had x-rays done today and with the digital images I got to see cool stuff on the screen! The doctor pointed out to me exactly what he was looking for. It was fun to go over them together. I had some trouble with my gums when I first went to see them 6 months ago. After their cleaning, my issues were gone in a few days and they have remained healthy since.

The facility is modern and comfortable.

Highly recommended.

Ann R.

I saw Dr. Sapienza at his new office in Park Slope for a crown. He and his staff were gracious, comforting and extremely helpful. This brand new facility has all the modern dental technology (full mouth x ray, etc) plus the comfort of cable tv/movies to watch as you wait and/or are worked on. The prices were reasonable, the work was fantastic and painless. I highly recommend Dr. Sapienza and plan to make him my primary dentist.

John W.

Patient Review 1:

cleaning and filler. never felt a thing. the entire staff is very professional and very accommodating.

Patient Review 2:

Dr. Sapienza is probably the best dentist I've ever had...and I've had many. He's always available for you if you need him--he even gives out his cell if it's a dental emergency--He's extremely gentle and tries to reduce as much stress/pain as possible. He wants everything to be perfect, so if it's not, he will make sure it is. You won't be disappointed. He won't let you be. I highly recommend him. And can you really go wrong with a dental office that has massage chairs?

Patient Review 3:

If you have anxiety about dentists - go here! Everyone in the Dental Spa goes out of their way to make patients feel comfortable. They fit you in as quickly as they can, sometimes the same day, are calm, very attentive and apologize for even a 5 minute wait. The Dr. is thorough and has the newest equipment. He talks everything over with you and even shows you your digital xrays on a large flat panel tv. I have moved around a lot so I have had many dentists - good and bad - and I am very glad that I found Dr. Sapienza right off the bat in Brooklyn. In fact, we have already moved from Brooklyn and now go all the way back from Jersey City so that we don't have to try to find someone else we trust. This rating service wouldn't let me rate the Dental Spa as extremely cheap so I chose another rating - but they are much less expensive than other dentists my husband has seen in NYC. They take our insurance and have charged us a lower copay than others.

About Hygienist: The hygienist was nice, very gentle, and thorough. I am told that it may take a while to get in to see her; however, they happened to have had a cancellation on the day I went to have something else looked at so they fit me in immediately. I was pleased.

Patient Review 4:

Great service, no waiting. All the staff is friendly and efficient. Very honest and conscientious as well... I strongly recommend.

Patient Review 5:

I would like to express my personal thought of Dr. Sapienza. Dr. Sapienza is the best, sincere, honest and genuine doctor that I have ever encountered. I had the most pleasant and calming experience while under Dr. Sapienza's care. I respectfully can say that this also holds true to the staff. If I was given the opportunity to rate Dr. Sapienza from 1 to 10, I can honestly give it a 10. I highly recommend Dr. Sapienza to anyone who is in need of a great dentist.

Patient Review 6:

Dr. Sapienza and his staff are all incredibly friendly and professional. Honestly, it's the best dental experience I've ever had. . . they're great! I'd recommend Dr. Sapienza and his office to everyone.

About Hygienist: Honest and friendly and professional. The hygienist gave me helpful tips to improve my care of teeth and even taught me how to brush correctly. : )


Patient Review 7:

The office of Dr. Sapienza should be used in dental schools as an example of the excellence in dental practice. Dr. Sapienza is genuinely attentive and pleasantly sociable, while being an expert and apparently, one of the best in the field. The office is a must see place, truly a spa. The staff is awesome - young and professional. There appears to be no overbooking, like in many other dental offices, so the wating time is short to none.

Would highly recommend choosing Dr. Sapienza over any other dental specialist.

About Hygienist: The hygienist Julia is simply outstanding careful, accurate and really knowledgeable, unlike most of the representatives of the hygienist occupation. Besides, she is very pretty, which takes away the thoughts of fear, pain or whatever you were thinking about before getting in the chair

Patient Review 8:

I had a broken tooth, the doctor gave me two options. Within a week my tooth was as good as new. So I decide to make him my new dentist. The staff is polite and helpeful.

About Hygienist: Not scary polite and Professional. Gave me some good tips on small brush to clean inbetween my teeth.

Patient Review 9:

Doctor Sapienza made my dental experience memorable - I had my amalgam fillings replaced with tooth colored fillings and it was quite stressful for me because my previous fillings were poorly done (most of my tooth structure lost). He did a wonderful job!

I also had my whitening done here and my cleaning and hygiene. The hygienist is skilful and the staff is patient and helpful.

I must mention here, that I was late for all of my 5 appointments - Late by one hour at one appointment - Dr. Sapienza still worked on me - and gave me my full time.

I had a tooth that I have been wanting to extract for a long time - Dr Sapienza gave me an honest opinion on it and told me that; that particular tooth extraction was tricky and he would rather have a dental surgeon do it - I truly appreciated his sincerity and guidance.

Other than that The Dental Spa office is truly a comfy place - Complete with TV, internet service, tea/coffee/muffins and water!

I am definitely going there for my next cleaning.

Dr Sapienza - if you are reading this - I want it to be known, and also want to tell you that you have a great sense of humor!

Thank you so much for being a wonderful and patient person while treating me - & an equally competent dentist.


About Hygienist: The hygienist was exceptional - Very patient & skilful.

My yellow teeth never looked better!

Patient Review 10:

I had 3 fillings done over a two week period, the experience was painless, the staff were highly professional and attentive.

I am and will continue to refer friends and family to Dr. Sapienza. Truly you are pampered at the dental spa.

About Hygienist:

cleaning to my teeth. The young ladies manners were outstanding,and I look forward to my next visit.

Patient Review 11:

Had some cavities filled - absolutely no complaints. His chair-side manner is great.

Also - equipment seems up to date.

About Hygienist: Hygienist is amazing. Very caring and educated and nice and hard-working. My teeth always feel perfect and she suggests things to help me with canker sores and bleeding gums.

Patient Review 12:

Dr. Sapienza is the best dentist I've ever had. His facility is truly state-of-the-art and his work is superb. He has been extremely responsive both in routine matters and dental emergencies. I would give him my highest recommendation.

Patient Review 13:

Wonderful environment and atmosphere--especially for those even slightly wary of routine dental procedures. I've never had to wait for more than 5 minutes to be seen, and the entire staff is a delight.

Patient Review 14:

I've been going to Dr Sapienza for 2 years. He's done fillings, extractions, and a root canal. He's extremely patient, and willing to explain everything. I've never had any pain during any of these procedures... trust me, it's due to Dr Sapienza's care, not from any super pain tolerance.

About Hygienist: Lisa is great!!!

Patient Review 15:

I don't have dental insurance and went to Dr. Sapienza because it was convenient and I liked the idea of a "dental spa." He is a good communicator and explained the root canal that I needed to have and really put me at ease. The price wasn't cheap, but was reasonable. The space is nice, with massage chairs while you wait. The other staff, especially Louis, are cheery and helpful.

I would absolutely recommend the Dental Spa and Dr. Sapienza to anyone.

Patient Review 16:

My wife and I have been searching for a good dentist in Brooklyn since we moved here in 2007. We have had some terrible (and sometimes painful!) experiences at dentists in the Park Slope area. Not so with Dr. Sapienza. He is by far the best dentist that we have been to. He is very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Even without all of the extras (great waiting room, nice facilities, etc.) I would highly recommend the Dental Spa. I think we have finally found our dentist and we will definitely be going back every six months.

About Hygienist: Julia was very nice and did a thorough job cleaning my teeth. She was very careful and took the time to explain what she was doing. She even had some tips for keeping coffee/tea stains from building up.

Patient Review 17:

I used to go to Dr. Sapienza when I was a kid, and I was THRILLED when I saw that he opened up an office in park slope. The office is a more like a spa, with flat screen TVs at every chair, a relaxation room with massage chairs and relaxing music, etc. Perfect for those who get jittery at the dentist.

Dr Frank's office is the friendliest office I have ever seen. He is very gentle, tells you everything he is going to do before he even touches your teeth, and really puts you right at ease. I have avoided the dentist for years when i stopped going to Dr Frank while in college, and now that I have reconnected, finally I have my teeth healthy again.

I look forward to my next appointments, but now that my teeth are healthy again, I have to wait 6 months!

Julia is WONDERFUL! Gentle, informative, and very competant. They really are a great team.

Patient Review 18:

I really like Dr. Sapienza :) He was very nice, easy to talk to and explained everything he was doing - even gave me a referral to an oral surgeon w/ a copy of my x-rays (awesomeness) !!! He was more like a friend than a dentist which was the case for the rest of the staff as well. I completely recommend them especially if you're covered by your insurance plan (even if you're not!) - My cleaning & examination was covered by my insurance so I'm not sure the price so I listed it as moderate. But they did give me these coupons to get an examine & consultation for $39 to give to friends/family which is also why they are rated as moderate. They seem flexible! You will not be traumatized here.

I've been to all types of dentists and I am going to say that this has been by far the best dental experience I've had. X-ray equipment is SO much better than old school cutting my gums to teeth apparatus I'm used to.

Bottom line: They're knowledgeable and friendly. Go here :)

She was absolutely awesome!!! I was stressed out when I arrived (b/c I was running late) but she totally chilled me out and gave my teeth a very necessary (and well done!) cleaning & explained everything as she went along. I know very little about teeth so I walked away a little more educated too! :)

Patient Review 19:

I love this place. They have a special waiting room where they have paraffin wax and massage chairs, then when I got my work done they have feet massagers and flat screen TVs to watch. Dr told me they are getting special goggles to watch movies on when you get worked on.

Staff and Doctor are very friendly..!

Go here now!

Patient Review 20:

The best Dentist in the area of Park Slope....My son and I are a huge fan. They are caring, professional and just fun. We forget we are at the dentist office. He performed my ZOOM treatment and my teeth look spectacular. My son only 8 loves to visit the dentist now and looks forward to his cleaning and flouride treatments. Thanks to the doctor and staff at DENTAL SPA

About Hygienist: She is sweet, soft spoken and extremely gentle. She makes the experience a joy. although it can be quite painful to have the hygienist perform the cleaning. And she complimented my son and I on our beautiful teeth. Once again way to go dental spa on such a professional atmosphere as well as staff

Patient Review 21:

I love visiting the Dental Spa, the are so welcoming, professional and provide top level service.

About Hygienist: I have caps and she goes out of her way to make sure that I won't develope bacteria or need periodontal treatment in the future.

Patient Review 22:

Today I had my first visit with Dr. Sapienza and staff.

First, Lisa the dental hygenist was amazing, she is clear, precise and will make you feel totally at ease. Which is tough to do even after not having my teeth cleaned for four years. I was embarrassed , but she totally made feel okay about it. After the intense but pleasant cleaning. Yes, it was actually pleasant and not umcomfortable at all. I was really shocked, The Dr. saw me next and he is funny, passionate about his work and basically didn't try to talk me into having lots of work done. He considered many factors and listens to the patient. He also recommended only what I needed to do. I love the fact that he asked me what bothered me the most about my teeth. We found a solution that made me happy and one I could afford.

I will be seeing him for the rest of the work. I am actually excited.!!!

Patient Review 23:

Words cannot express the quality of care I received at the Dental Spa. I went in for an emergency consult on a nasty cavity - turned out I needed a root canal *gulp*. Dr. Sapienza has a wonderful chairside manner - funny and calming - great for a freaked out patient like myself. He explained all parts of the procedure as we went along and warned me when things were going to be uncomfortable. After I had the first half of the root canal done, he called me that night to see how I was holding up. He puts his cell # on the outgoing message at the practice in case patients need him on off hours. I really felt cared about as a person and not a set of teeth.

The procedures are NOT CHEAP - hopefully he takes your insurance. The office is happy to fill out and file any out-of-network claims. It's a beautiful, clean space with tvs everywhere, bottles of water, massage chairs, and toiletries in the restroom. I never waited more than 5 or 10 minutes for the doctor. It actually felt almost like a spa, except for the numb face. He works late on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Saturday hours are a huge plus.

About Hygienist:Louis is the receptionist and hygenist and general right hand man, it seems. He was a dentist while with the armed forces, and one can see that professionalism in all of his work, from running the desk to assisting on procedures. Class act.

Patient Review 24:

I have been looking for a physician for awhile. I tried referrals from my family and that didnt go as well. My wife searched online and found her physician. I though that would be a great idea since her experience was a success. I searched online for physicians that is willing to accept my dental plan and I found 2 locations near me that had a lot of reviews and stars. After reading the reviews for Dr. Sapienza, I felt comfortable in making an appointment to proceed. I made an appointment the following day and when I arrive, his facility was impressive. All the equipment are the latest technology in his field and his assistances were courteous. Dr. Sapienza is one of the best physicians I have met and all the other reviews are on target. If you are looking for a dental physician give him a shot you. This will be one of the best decisions you would make in your life.

Patient Review 25:

I had come to Dr. Sapienza shortly after he opened in my neighborhood. From the very first visit, I continue to be extremely satisfied with his services. He and his staff have treated me with professionalism, knowledge, and comfort no matter my dental needs. Recently, I cracked a tooth and was fitted with a 'temporary' that was neither noticeable nor uncomfortable. The actual replacement formed and fitted by Dr Sapienza is so identical to the shade of my teeth and form that there are times I cannot distinguish which one the replacement is! I highly recommend the Dental Spa...that certainly, as I have been to previous dentists; Dr Sapienza and his staff stand out on top from them all!

Patient Review 26:

I will try to keep this brief. I am 23 years old and have not seen a dentist in over ten years. Recently, some oral discomfort made me look for a dentist. Thankfully I found Dr. Sapienza. Dr Sapienza examined my mouth and found 4 cavities. I don't do well with needles and I dreaded the Novocaine injection. I told this to Dr. Sapienza and I CANNOT STRESS HOW HE WORKED TO ENSURE MY TREATMENT WAS TOTALLY PAIN FREE! He gave me a pre injection cream to make sure I did not feel the injection. He also did some sort of trick and wiggled my cheek. Using those two techniques, Dr Sapienza really kept me pain free. I was shocked that I did not feel the injection. So far I have had 3 of the 4 cavities filled and I have an appointment to have the last one done. I plan on getting my teeth whitened by Dr Sapienza as well. In closing, I have to say that I cannot imagine a more competent dentist than Dr. Sapienza. I certainly can't imagine a more caring and compassionate one either. He actually made getting my cavities filled, a pleasant experience. Everyone who works at his office is nice as well. I really feel that anyone who visits Dr Sapienza and is treated by him, will actually look forward to their dental visits. Thanks so much Dr. Sapienza!

Patient Review 27:

could accommodate my appointment request on an emergency,extremely friendly, effective, trustworthy.

About Hygienist: gentle, prompt

Patient Review 28:

Dr. Frank is the best dentist around. He is amazing. He always checks in with you to make sure you aren't in pain. And will actually stop when you need him to. My whole family uses Dr. Frank, and we wouldn't have it any other way. I couldnt imagine going to any one else. I am grateful to have him as my doctor.

Patient Review 29:

Just...WOW. Dr. Sapienza (whose name I believe MEANS "knowledge") was so comfortably competent, while simultaneously being affable and gracious, I just couldn't get over it. I had avoided dental care for a long period because of bad experiences and delays once I had consigned myself to the offices of other dentists - none of which affected me during my visits with Dr. Sapienza. The office was clean and modern, as was the equipment, the staff were courteous and helpful, and everything was done in a timely manner - but that didn't stop them from apologizing if they had to step away for two minutes (only happened once). I have now moved away, but may travel back to Brooklyn JUST to see this amazing dentist and his staff.

I should add that I was particularly impressed by the Doctor's concern for those who cannot afford dental care - he gave me two cards valid for an extreme discount dental exam - INCLUDING XRAYS. Just amazing. PLEASE NOTE: THIS SITE WILL NOT PERMIT ME TO LIST THE SERVICES AS EXTREMELY CHEAP BECAUSE OF THE SPA FEATURES - WHICH I WOULD LIKE TO DO BASED ON THE FOREGOING - THAT'S HOW UNUSUAL IT IS!

About Hygienist: Lisa was careful, pleasant and competent - totally consistent with the vibe and skill level of the entire office.

Patient Review 30:

Extremely pleasant experience and suitable for the whole family. Highly recommended.

Patient Review 31:

I unknowingly had very poor dental care for years and when a crisis occurred far from home, I was told to find a good, modern dentist.

I'm overwhelmingly happy with Dr. Frank. His practice is very comfortable and boasts the very latest in treatment and imaging technology. He explains EVERY step and constantly checks your comfort level.

I've had 3 root canals, some replacement fillings, a new crown and have a bit more work to do.

I'm totally satisfied and though this sounds ridiculous, Dr. Frank is such a great dentist and genuinely nice guy, I look forward to going to my dental appointments!

You always feel like your comfort and well-being are important to the staff and Dr. Frank encourages you to call any time you need him.

If you're someone who's afraid of the dentist, you must come and meet Dr. Frank. You'll kick yourself for your neglect and anxiety and never fear again.

If you think this level of service and care must be beyond your means, again, you must meet Dr. Frank and his staff. They'll work with you whether or not you have insurance to make the financial part manageable too.

Coming to the Dental Spa of NY is one of the best things I've ever done for myself. You should too!

Patient Review 32:

The Dental Spa is exactly what it sounds like: a relaxing, comfortable environment with lots of amenities and a welcoming staff to put you at ease while you are treated to the most comprehensive, high tech dental care available. I have MAJOR dental issues and within 1 year of beginning treatment with Dr. Frank & his staff, my teeth are healthy and beautiful for the first time in 15 years. I can even eat ice cream again! If I lived in California, I would still fly East just to have my dental health in the hands of Dr. Frank Sapienza and The Dental Spa. Did I mention they're also affordable?

About Hygienist: Lisa, the hygienist, is fantastic. I've had two cleanings with her in the past year and for the first time in 15 years, my gums don't bleed when I brush my teeth. She even taught me better brushing & flossing techniques which have already made a world of difference. Gentle and painless, I literally could have fallen asleep while she was doing the cleanings. My teeth are in her hands for as long as she's practicing.

Patient Review 33:

Dr. Sapienza and his staff are always really nice. They take time to explain what they're doing and talk the tools they're using. I had x-rays done today and with the digital images I got to see cool stuff on the screen! The doctor pointed out to me exactly what he was looking for. It was fun to go over them together. I had some trouble with my gums when I first went to see them 6 months ago. After their cleaning, my issues were gone in a few days and they have remained healthy since. The facility is modern and comfortable. Highly recommended.

I saw Dr. Sapienza at his new office in Park Slope for a crown. He and his staff were gracious, comforting and extremely helpful.

This brand new facility has all the modern dental technology (full mouth x ray, etc) plus the comfort of cable tv/movies to watch as you wait and/or are worked on.

The prices were reasonable, the work was fantastic and painless. I highly recommend Dr. Sapienza and plan to make him my primary dentist.

Patient Review 34:

Dr. Sapienza is a superb dentist. My experiences have been wonderful