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Tooth-Colored Fillings Park Slope Smiles About

Dr. Sapienza and his team understand that the words, “You have a cavity,” may not exactly be what you want to hear when you come to The Dental Spa of New York for one of your regular dental exams. However, don’t despair. Having a cavity repaired is nothing like what it used to be. Gone are the days of a dark filling made of an amalgam of metals to repair tooth decay. Today, Dr. Sapienza uses tooth-colored fillings, so you and our dental team will be the only ones to know that you had a cavity.

What are Tooth-Colored Fillings Made Of?

A tooth-colored filling, also known as a white filling, is comprised of a mixture of composite resin materials. Dr. Sapienza can blend different shades of these materials to perfectly match the natural color of your tooth. But a filling that blends in seamlessly with the rest of your smile is only the beginning of how white fillings are advantageous. In addition to having a more pleasing and natural appearance, a filling made of composite resin does not contain any mercury. Whether or not amalgam fillings present a risk of mercury toxicity is a controversial topic among dentists and the general public. Nevertheless, the fact that there is no mercury in tooth colored fillings is certainly a plus. In addition, for patients who have metal sensitivities, there is no risk of that unappetizing metal taste in your mouth with white fillings.

The composition of tooth-colored fillings is another advantage. Because these fillings are made of composite resin materials, there is usually less tooth preparation required before Dr. Sapienza fills the cavity. In other words, you will need to endure less drilling, which is not a bad thing. Moreover, when less preparation is necessary, we can retain more of your tooth’s original structure. This way, once the filling is in place, your tooth is less likely to weaken. Instead, you will have a sturdy and natural-looking tooth.

Replace Amalgam Fillings with White Fillings, Park Slope

In addition to repairing new cavities, Dr. Sapienza can use tooth-colored fillings to replace existing amalgam fillings. In particular, metal fillings should be replaced if they show signs of defect or if there is tooth decay around the filling. Such decay can lead to a tooth infection, requiring a root canal. So, replacing a metal filling may benefit the health and longevity of your tooth. And of course, if you simply want to replace the appearance of a dark filling, then Dr. Sapienza can do that with a tooth-colored filling, too.

Dr. Sapienza and the staff at The Dental Spa of New York would be happy to repair a cavity or replace an amalgam filling with a white filling. We also have a complete menu of general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry services. The dentist Park Slope trusts conveniently serves patients from the surrounding communities of Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Prospect Heights and Carroll Gardens and other areas of Brooklyn and Queens.