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The Talk You Need to Have with a Dentist in Park Slope!

April 26, 2018

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man dental painEven though it’s National Oral Cancer Awareness Month, many people don’t want to discuss the disease. It’s unfortunate that so many people can relate to cancer conversations because someone that they know has been affected by it. Whether their mother had breast cancer, or a friend of a friend had been diagnosed with colon cancer, the possibility of developing different types of cancers continue to rise the more that people refuse to discuss prevention.

That’s why your dentist in Park Slope wants to dedicate this week’s blog post to addressing oral cancer awareness. The more that patients are aware of the risk factors, symptoms, and consequences, the more people can avoid the disease altogether. Continue reading to learn more.


Your Family Dentist in Park Slopes Says Don’t Ignore Bad Tastes!

March 12, 2018

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man frowning bad taste in mouthHave you been experiencing a bad taste in your mouth for a prolonged period and can’t seem to get rid of it? Your family dentist in Park Slope says this could be a sign of trouble and could be the result of worsening tooth decay (cavities), which is why you shouldn’t ignore it. To learn more about how cavities contribute to foul tastes and how your dentist can help restore your normal function, continue reading.


Tips to Find the Perfect Family Dentist in Park Slope

February 4, 2018

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woman and child at dentistDid you know that the care you receive from your family dentist in Park Slope is equally as important as your brushing and flossing habits? You need a great dentist by your side over the years to protect your oral health from damage while also providing the comprehensive services you need to ensure that your smile stays healthy and beautiful for a lifetime. Finding that perfect dentist can be a challenge because not all will meet your needs. To ensure that you make a wise decision, there are a few factors to keep in mind.

How Often to Visit the Dentist? Dentist of Park Slope Explains

January 13, 2018

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man in white shirt smilingYou’ve heard a million times that it’s important to visit your dentist, but have you ever wondered why? Have you also pondered about how often you need to see him? If so, your dentist of Park Slope has answers for you. As you continue reading, you’ll learn about how preventive dentistry serves as one of the pillars of your oral health. You’ll also discover how you and your local oral expert can work together to protect your mouth, teeth and gums for years to come.


X-Out Problems Early with X-Rays from Your Park Slope Dentist

December 17, 2017

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hand of dentist reviewing x-raysThe old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth more than 10 pounds of cure.” No truer words were ever spoken. When you take the time to be proactive and do what’s necessary to catch problems early, there’s less need for major undertakings to correct huge problems. A simple way to get in front of any approaching issues is to have X-rays taken by your Park Slope dentist to monitor your oral health. Learn more about why they are so important.


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