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Dental Extractions in Park Slope

While Dr. Frank Sapienza does everything possible to save your natural teeth, sometimes their removal is necessary to prevent the spread of infection or to protect the surrounding natural teeth. With a gentle approach and years of experience, Dr. Sapienza provides second opinions as well as comfortable dental extractions in Park Slope.

When Teeth Need Extraction

Extraction is the last resort for a severely infected, aching, or otherwise problematic tooth. A root canal may save a damaged or decayed tooth from extraction -- but when all options are exhausted, the tooth needs to be removed.

In cases of tooth crowding, one or more healthy teeth may need to be extracted to make room for orthodontic treatment.

The most common reason for tooth extraction is for an impacted or infected wisdom tooth. There is rarely enough room for these third molars which may appear between ages 15 and 25. When wisdom teeth cannot erupt properly, they become infected, painful, and/or cause crowding in the surrounding teeth.

What to Expect from Tooth Extraction

If you have been told you need a tooth extraction, we recommend coming to The Dental Spa of New York for a second opinion from Dr. Sapienza, who believes in conservative dentistry with a gentle touch.

If it is determined that an extraction is best for your smile, you will either have a simple or a surgical extraction. Simple extractions are possible when the tooth is visible and can be removed with forceps in a single piece. No stitches are needed for a simple extraction.

Surgical extractions -- often used for wisdom teeth -- are performed when the tooth is only partially visible, has come in at an angle, or is completely trapped beneath the gumline. Dr. Sapienza cuts open the surrounding gum tissue and removes the tooth in multiple pieces. The gum tissue is then closed with stitches.

Local anesthesia and options in sedation are available for both types of extraction.

Recovering from a Tooth Extraction

If your tooth is removed with a simple extraction, the recovery is fast and associated with little discomfort. Surgical extractions, however, require stitches and therefore have longer healing periods.

Follow Dr. Sapienza’s recovery instructions carefully, taking all medicine as directed and taking it easy for the first several days following your procedure.

Plan ahead before your tooth extraction, and stock your fridge and pantry with soft, nutritious foods. Soups, vegetable purees, eggs, and fruit smoothies are good choices as you begin your recovery. Do not drink out of a straw, as this can dislodge the sutures.

With plenty of rest, relaxation, and proper care, your symptoms should improve every day. Contact your dentist if symptoms (bleeding, swelling, discomfort) worsen or do not get better after several days have passed.

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Do you suspect or know you need a tooth extraction in Park Slope? Do not put it off -- infections and pain will not get better on their own. Dr. Sapienza provides comfortable extractions when absolutely necessary. Request an appointment today!