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Porcelain Crowns in Park Slope

Dr. Sapienza and our team at the Dental Spa of New York®, are dedicated to restorative dentistry. This means we strive to restore a smile to full function and health without compromising natural beauty. One of the many restorative dentistry services we offer are porcelain crowns. Rather than removing and replacing a severely decayed, cracked or chipped tooth, crowns allow us to maintain as much of your natural tooth and structure as possible while restoring your smile to perfection. In Park Slope, NY visiting our practice for a crown, feels like a day at the spa. Call for your appointment today.

When You Need a Crown

A crown is suggested when a tooth is compromised by damage or extensive decay. A ceramist hand makes the dental crown to fit as a snug covering over the existing prepared tooth. During an initial dental visit, Dr. Sapienza will examine the tooth or teeth that may require a crown. If you do need to have a crown placed, we will treat the existing tooth in preparation for the crown, and take an impression of you bite. This impression will be used by the ceramist to mill your custom prosthesis.

Dental Crown Procedure

Your comfort and esthetic will not be impacted while you wait for your customized crown. We will place a temporary crown to prevent further damage to the affected tooth, and keep your smile beautiful until your permanent prosthesis is completed. Once the final crown is placed, you may experience some mild discomfort that generally recedes within 24 hours. After the crown is set and irritation from the procedure has faded, you will have fully restored tooth function that looks as good as it feels.

In years past, dental crowns were fabricated from metal. The amalgam used by most dentists contained a high level of mercury that can cause health hazards over time. At The Dental Spa of New York®, we prefer to place custom, color matched crowns, made from durable ceramic or porcelain fused to metal. We will ensure that the crown blends seamlessly with your existing teeth, and because the metal is covered, the associated dangers are greatly diminished.

Pairing a Dental Bridge & Crown

When paired with a dental bridge, crowns are also an effective solution for replacing missing teeth. While we always strive to restore your natural teeth rather than extracting and replacing them, sometimes this is unavoidable. If you have a missing tooth or need to have a tooth pulled, a crown can help you retain gum tissue and jawbone density by keeping the surrounding teeth from drifting into the gap which puts increased pressure on the socket with the missing tooth causing the tissue and bone to deteriorate.

For missing teeth, a crown relies upon the foundation of the surrounding teeth to reduce pressure on the empty socket, and preserve bite shape. A custom made crown and bridge will be made to attach the replacement tooth to the surrounding teeth, and the bridge will be carefully fitted for optimal comfort and esthetic.

If you have missing teeth, let Dr. Sapienza, his trusted lab, and the gentle team at The Dental Spa of New York® restore your smile with lifelike crown and bridgework. Call the friendly team at our convenient Park Slope location welcomes patients from Gowanus, Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Prospect Heights and Carroll Gardens.